Useful Tips for Switching Web Hosting Services


When was the last time you moved? Think about it for a second. You found the location and then signed the paperwork. After that you packed up your stuff, then you were on your way. Well moving from one host to another is kind of the same thing. Only difference is that it’s done virtually. In a nutshell, you pick your new host and sign the papers. Transfer everything to the new location and advertise your new spot. This is the simple way of doing it. Now let’s look at everything step-by-step.

1) Find your new domain. There are tons to choose from. Pick which one is right for you, then nail it down. Consider using a third party domain. Why? If you do need to switch again, it’s going to make life that much easier.

2) Back up all your files and transfer them over. If you have any static files, copy and paste them to the new structure. Static files have ways of getting lost and or stolen. This will ensure that everything is okay.

3) The next thing you will want to do is do a double check. This is when you make sure all the files are working properly. When a transfer occurs, sometimes things gets lost or mixed up. Make sure none of your files are compromised in any way. Think of this step as a last minute precaution.

4) Properly get your DNS records in line. Sometimes with a move, an error message will occur. This will tell your visitors that your old site is no longer active. You want to make sure this doesn’t happen. If it does, people won’t be able to find your site. Make sure the records are transferred and registered accordingly.

5) Wait for the change to go live. The time frame for this will vary. Some take just a few hours. Others can take at least a day. Once this is done, notify your hold hosting site as to the cancellation. You have to let them know when this happens.

6) While this is happening, you need to keep an eye on a few things. Watch out for email, databases, missing links and downtime. Make sure none of these elements are corrupted in any way.

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Benefit of new In-Flight High Speed Internet

One of the worst things about taking a flight is the unreliable Internet connection. Trying to stream music, watch television, or browse the web becomes next to impossible to do. One of the major problems is that a person experiences a lag in connection speeds. This problem often occurs when the plane flies over different cell towers. As it passes from one cell tower signal to the next, the Internet connection can become disconnected as it has to reconnect.

In-Flight High Speed Internet Is A Reliable Connection For Flyers

When it comes to the Internet service on the ground, we want the most reliable, fastest, and secure connection that is also affordable. So we select companies such as to give us all these benefits. The same situation should hold true when we take to the skies to fly off to far away destinations.

Technology companies are scrambling to offer in-flight high speed internet to commercial aircraft and business aircraft to improve connectivity to portable computing devices. In-flight high speed Internet relies on both ground cellular towers and satellites in a comprehensive network so flyers won’t experience lag or connectivity issues. Benefits to this type of service include:

Connectivity During Transoceanic Flights

You will no longer have to put your tablet away and take a nap when you are flying across the ocean waters to other countries. The in-flight high speed Internet service will be available via satellite so you can continue to watch a movie, listen to music or play your favorite online games.

Ground Cell Towers Available On Country By Country Basis

Ground cell towers won’t be restricted to just in the United States. Companies are seeking to expand the network to other countries so flyers will not lose their Internet connection when crossing over a border.

Fast Speeds For Wireless Devices

You won’t be limited to what you can do with your tablet or laptop when taking a flight. Technology companies will be offering speeds of up to 50 Mbps. This in-flight high speed Internet will allow you to watch live TV on your wireless device. In addition, you’ll still be able to check your email, perform a video conference, access business VPNs, surf the web and listen to your favorite streamed music.

People who fly the friendly skies won’t be left behind when it comes to accessing the Internet. As more companies jump on the technology bandwagon to develop in-flight high speed Internet, you will be able to do all the computer stuff that you love while traveling thousands of feet up in the air.

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Top 5 Android Apps

There are some awesome apps that come out for Android smartphones all the time. It’s difficult to decipher which ones are the best among them when there are so many. We are going to review what we consider the top 5 android apps available right now and explain their benefits so that you can decide for yourself if it’s an app you want to try.

  1. Amazon Prime has released an instant video app for Android smartphones. For those that have Amazon Prime, this is truly a no brainer as it comes free with the membership. You can download the app onto your phone and watch videos any time. There are thousands of titles in television and movie format.
  2. Weather Timeline is an interesting new app that should keep weather fans busy and having fun. It allows users to see a five day forecast and more. You can go into the future or the past and see weather in an entirely new way. The past weather feature allows you to go years back and see what the weather was like. The future forecast is unique as it lets users see what the weather may be like years from now.
  3. One of the coolest free apps available on Google Play is Reddit Ask Anything. The reddit ask anything app is free to use and allows users to ask questions of interesting people and even celebrities. Even the president of the United States has answered questions on this cool app.
  4. A volume control panel is something fun for Android users that want a change of pace. The app called Nozye Volume Panel gives control over the way your phone’s volume settings look. There are pre-installed themes that are available at no charge and users can purchase additional themes for a dollar or two. It’s a good app for those that need a change in their volume appearance.
  5. Horizon is an Android app that helps video shooters that simply don’t know what they’re doing. Fans of recording videos and don’t know how to upload it properly would do well with Horizon. One of the biggest fixes it boasts is automatically fixing videos uploaded in portrait mode and making them into landscape mode.

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